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My friend Tami dubbed this “The Mix,” a few years ago.  It didn’t need a cute name like Puppy Chow or Nuts & Bolts to attract people to it….just calling it what it was…..The Mix…..was good enough.  Kind of like Madonna, Prince, or Cher.  Your kids will love this one and it’s something they can help make.  Plus, it’s bright and colorful and just looks like a sunny summer day.

You need four ingredients.


Plain M & M’s, Cocktail Peanuts, Colored Dinner Mints (GFS usually carries them), and cut up Strawberry Twizzlers (don’t use the pre made licorice nibs–they’re not as good in this–at all).  Use equal parts of all four ingredients.

Mix all together.


And then just try not to eat it all in one sitting.




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photo 3-46

This DIY was inspired by a key-chain I saw online a few months ago.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned it, how simple it was, and how versatile it is all over my house.


I purchased a tree-trunk slice from my grocery store! for about $14.  It’s pretty wide (about 10-12” across) and pretty thick (about 4”) so it will work well as a tray, decorative center-piece, or candle-holder.  I already have a pretty large selection of craft paints, but if you don’t, you’ll need about seven or eight colors.  Additionally you’ll need washi tape to act as painters tape to create your pattern.  I use thin washi tape in order to get more color onto my tray.  The thicker the tape, the bigger the unpainted lines you’ll have when you take the tape off.  And lastly you’ll want the glossy finish Mod Podge.

photo 2-55

Tape off your tree trunk.  Don’t over-think it.

photo 3-44

photo 4-27

Paint away.

Soon after you’re finished painting, remove the tape.  I never wait for my paint to dry all the way–you’ll risk peeling chunks of paint from your project if you wait to remove the tape until the paint is 100% dry.

photo 5-22

Allow the paint to finish drying for about 24 hours.

Finally, seal with mod-podge.  I get so nervous when I pour mod-podge onto a project–it never looks like it’s going to dry clear. It does, it does, it does.  I promise.

photo 1-55

Make sure to evenly spread the mod-podge and allow to dry for a few hours.  This will seal your paint.

photo 4-28 photo 2-57

And as an added bonus–I can paint the other side of this slab of tree trunk whenever I feel like it and create a totally different look.  Two DIY’s for the price of one.  I’ll take it!

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If you have not seen the video that Always posted on at the end of June, take three minutes…

Basically, the video asks older kids/teens to show them how to run or fight or throw “like a girl”. They flailed, they giggled, they shuffled…all the stereotypical responses to the phrase. Then they ask younger girls the same question. The response was night and day; the young girls didn’t even hesitate as they sprinted across the screen, punched it out, and whipped an imaginary ball towards the camera. Then they made the statement that confidence plummets at puberty, and that the negative connotation of “like a girl” sends them into a tailspin.

Whether you thought it was just another “feminist overreaction” or truth-telling, it definitely spurred a reaction…and over 20 million views on YouTube.

As for me? I watched it a few days ago and BAWLED big drippy tears that streamed down my face and onto the edge of my laptop. All I could think about was how my daughters would respond. So I asked them to show me how to run “like a girl”…

Fiona, my precocious five-year-old? She took off across the room like a flash. “Like this, Mom?” she yelled back to me. “Yep…just like that, kiddo!”, I called back.

Madi, my nine-year-old who is on a crash course with puberty? She said to me, “I don’t get it, Mom. Are you saying that girls run differently?” “Nope”, I answered, “just run like you.” So she did…around and around the island in our kitchen with a big grin on her face.

Can I bottle up that confidence and bring it out in a few years? Or maybe I need to hide them away so they aren’t inundated by the careless comments and unrealistic media images?

Kelly Wallace of CNN wrote about the video and took it a step further to talk about ways that we can bolster our kids confidence. It’s a great story, with her own personal twist, and she even quotes me! See what I had to say about confidence-building in our house here

…and next time you see your daughter being confident and strong, tell her that being #likeagirl is an amazing thing to be!

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It’s good to be back!  We’ve missed all of you!  We really have!

And we appreciate you sticking with us during our hiatus as we all tried to get the reigns of life back in our hands.  We’re ready to bring you some more posts as we head into the rest of the summer.  And what better way to say ‘we’re happy to be back’ than with a little summer giveaway?


We’ve got some cute summer lemonade party supplies for you from Target.

Lemonade 2

A happy rainbow pitcher, some bright plastic cups, a serving tray, an Oh Joy! for Target fold-up beach mat, and of course some tools to get you that perfect batch of lemonade.

Lemonade 3

Lemonade 4

All you have to do to get this bright stuff delivered to your door is leave a comment below telling us the best thing you’ve done this summer so far!  We’ll leave the contest open through next Tuesday.  Happy summer!

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