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Back to school shopping is about to hit a fever pitch.  It’s honestly one of my favorite times of the year.  Fresh starts, clean slates, new trends, and all that good stuff.  I’ll be bringing you some Lust/Musts for kids back to school shopping during the next month.  I went with some basics for today; things that could be mixed and matched with each other quite easily, dressed up or down, and wardrobe staple items.


1. J.Crew Factory ($34) vs. Old Navy ($8)

2. J.Crew Factory ($44) vs. Old Navy ($12)

3. J.Crew ($65) vs. J.Crew Factory ($49)  Is this for real? The collars are slightly different–but still.

4. Tea Collection ($45) vs. Carters ($20)

5. J.Crew Factory ($68) vs. Carters ($20)

6. J.Crew Factory ($34) vs. Carters ($13)

7. Gap ($30) vs. Osh Kosh ($15)

8. Gap ($27) vs. Carters ($16)

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Instagram Ideas

There are so many options in regards to printing Instagram pictures–and let’s be honest–most of us have hundreds that we’d like to print…because they’re just so fun….but where to start?  It can be overwhelming, and trial and error is never cheap.  Today, I have eight recommendations for you; I’ve tried all but one of them.  And I can attest that each of them that I’m recommending have never disappointed me.  Ever.  And I keep going back over and over.  My number one criteria in printing IG pictures is that I want the application or program to pull right from my Instagram account.  I don’t want to have to e-mail the pictures to myself, save them to my computer, and then upload them to a site (ex. Shutterfly).  That is fine for a a large scale project like a photo book year in review–but for IG prints?  I can’t get behind that right now.

Here are my favorites!

1.  Foxgram.  You can order 3×3 or 4×4 bordered or borderless prints, magnets, or photo albums to fit the prints.  Each print is only .25 cents (magnets cost more) and come within a few days.  Once on the site you can sign in directly via your Instagram account to load in pictures (and this is soooo easy) or upload pics to the site via Facebook, Flickr, your computer, or Dropbox.

2.  Stickygram. This was the original site for Instagram magnets but now they offer phone cases, iPad cases, and magnetic frames.  Their products are a bit more expensive, but incredible quality.  My back door is covered in their magnets and it’s a pretty fun ‘toy’ for my five year old to play with and tell stories with.

3.  Canvas Pop. I have printed about ten of these canvases.  The quality and price are unparalleled compared to other IG canvases I’ve seen.  They are always running a discount, they’ll usually send you a coupon for $30 off  your next order when you buy a canvas and you just have to have one!

4.  Prinstagram. The possibilities here are endless.  Posters (I have one and it’s beautiful), prints, photo books, magnets, photo strips, greeting cards, business cards, t-shirts, calendars, and on and on.  This site has incredible product offerings.  They aren’t crazy cheap–but if you’re looking to make a gift for grandma or grandpa or someone else special consider their little tear away calendars.  They turn out fabulous and the print quality is spot on.

5.Origrami. First, I love the boxes these prints come in.  I’m a sucker for cute packaging.  And then, the prints and size options are great too.   Additionally, there is now an Origrami app so you can print pictures right from your phone–which is always a plus in my book!

6. MixBook. These are easy, soft-cvoer, IG books that pull right from your feed.  You can delete certain pictures if you’d rather not include them, and then design your own cover and title.  They start at $24.  They are a little tricky to find on the site, so just search “Instagram” when you head over.

7.  Postagram. This is a free app that allows you to create a postcard–again, pulling right from your feed.  You can add a message, address, and pay for postage right from your phone and then it will get sent to whomever you choose!  I think this would be fantastic for kids at camp, relatives who are far away, or to share a memory with a friend that visited over the summer.

8. Chatbooks. Also an app–and it’s pretty new.  I haven’t ordered my books yet–but they are ready to go when I feel like pulling the trigger on them.  Chat-book prints your entire IG feed in 60 page books for $6 a piece.  Currently I have 22 books that I can order; they won’t print a book until there are 60 pages.  Every 60 images (60 pages) Chat-book will send you an e-mail indicating that a new book is ready to ship.  You’ll have three days to go into your app and see if the new book is to your liking or if you want to edit something out of it.  One of the things I love about it is that your captions, date taken, and location show up–lending more of a story-telling aspect to it.

So–those are my favorite….right now.  They are always changing!  Do you have any favorites?  Tell us in the comments!

Happy Printing!!

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It has been over nine years since I was a brand new mom. Most days, it feels like a lifetime ago. But this summer, as I have been watching my sister go through the transition to being a new mom, it has brought me back to those first days. It was amazing to become a mom, but it also came with surprising challenges…things that did not always show up in the “What to Expect When You Are Expecting” book.


Just like going back to high school, I would never want to go back to being a newbie mom again, but if I did…these are a few things that I would tell my “new mom” self…

    1. Throw out any and all expectations of yourself, your baby, your parenting, and the cleanliness of your house. You do not have enough energy to waste on feeling inadequate because you fed your child baby food out of a jar.
    2. You will not realize how sleep deprived you really are until your baby starts sleeping normally. This could last five years, so when you back up out of the garage and smash your rearview window or inexplicably fall asleep in the middle of a conversation, you have a legitimate reason.
    3. It can be terribly lonely caring for a newborn who just cries, eats and poops. Say it out loud and reference #1.
    4. It is okay to want time away from your baby, and it is also perfectly normal if you can’t wait to get back and breathe in that “top of a baby’s head smell” again. You know…that delectable combination of baby shampoo and spit-up…
    5. It is okay to start rocking an invisible baby back and forth in the middle of Target when you actually get away by yourself. Reference #2.
    6. Buy yourself a new postpartum outfit before you lose all of your baby weight. It is worth the self-esteem boost to get out of your maternity clothes and out of the probably outdated clothes from a year ago.
    7. Hire a babysitter and go out on dates..often. It sounds cliche, but the ability to have a normal conversation with your spouse is priceless.
    8. You will think your baby is disturbing everyone else wherever you go. No one cares other than exceptionally grumpy people, and well…phooey on them.
    9. Your hormones (and sleep deprivation) will send you over the edge…over and over. It is perfectly acceptable to stare blankly at the wall (or at HGTV) and cry for no reason. Reference #1.
    10. Don’t lose your friends in the swirling fog of new motherhood. Hang onto them for dear life, and grab some new ones that understand what you are going through. Have playdates for your two-month-old so that YOU have someone to hang out with that talks back to you.

My list is obviously unique to my experience…no C-section or preemie or adoptive birth…so I would love to hear what bits of wisdom you would send back to your “new mom self”!

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I always love finding new online shops to exercise my PayPal account.  I thought I’d pass along a few of my favorites to you.  Some  are for the kiddos, some are for the mamas, some are crazy cheap, and some are more of the ‘this is what I want for my birthday’ variety.  Happy shopping!

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