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Ah, life.  It gets a little crazy….with new jobs, and Ph.D programs, and crazy jobs, and kids, and school wrapping up, and…..you know the drill.

We love Mom Colored Glasses….this great little space we’ve fostered here and the people we connect with every day because of it…..but we also love a little down time, clean laundry, intentional family time, more time outside with the kids, and the ability to say ‘not right now’ if we need to.

We’ve decided to take a little hiatus from the site for the next month or so.  We have a lot of life going on right now between the three of us that make up Mom Colored Glasses and just like we talk about the need to prioritize, say “no”, and ‘be still’ in our posts we need to follow that same advice from time-to-time.

That time is now. We’ll be back in a bit…..sometime in June……..

Until then, here’s a few of our favorite posts from the past year!  If you’re new here, “Welcome.”  We can’t wait to catch up with you when we return.

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If you want a simple and quick way to add a little Easter whimsy to your table this weekend try these Easter bunny tail napkin rings….or as my five year old calls them…..Bunny Butts.

photo 3-44


I bought some extra fuzzy white yarn and then used this method to create pom poms.  I wrapped the yarn around a huge serving fork to make the pom poms extra big! Then I threaded a pipe cleaner through them and secured them around a napkin.

photo 2-50


photo 1-47


And that’s it!  Really couldn’t be easier!  Have a great weekend and enjoy the time with your family.

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leaninWhen my kids were toddlers, I lived for playdates. The kids would play, and the moms would talk “shop”, which meant sharing potty training strategies and bemoaning the serious lack of sleep we were experiencing.

Today at lunch, I found myself in a different sort of “playdate”. It was the second meeting of our new Lean In circle  at work, inspired by Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In and created to be a place where female co-workers can encourage, learn, and talk “shop”.

For this month’s meeting, we spent our time discussing “Power and Influence”, a video seminar posted on the Lean In website, which focused on the non-verbal differences between men and women and how it influences perception of power. It was a fascinating discussion.

Think about the last time you walked into a room for any sort of gathering…work-related, small group, dinner with friends…how did you sit down? Did you plop down, lean back, and make yourself as expansive and relaxed as possible? Or did you slink in, cross your legs, and sit on your hands?

These are just a few of the characteristics of “Playing High” or “Playing Low”, according to Deborah H. Gruenfeld, Professor of Leadership & Organizational Behavior at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She reinforces the truth that what you say has a very minimal effect; it’s all about your behavior, and she focuses on non-verbal ways that we exhibit either authority and approachability.

Want to show authority? Hold your head still, speak in complete sentences, lean back, slow down, and hold eye contact just a tad longer than normal.

Want to be approachable? Nod and smile often, make yourself small, keep your hands by your face when you talk, and lean forward towards the person.

This isn’t just a “workplace thing”. We show authority and approachability in our families, in our friendships, in our volunteer activities, and on the sidelines of our kid’s soccer games. I liked what she had to say about it being “situational”; that there is a time and a place for both, but the truth is…women don’t always feel comfortable showing authority. We yield for plenty of reasons – it doesn’t feel comfortable, we don’t want people to perceive us as over-assertive, or we feel it isn’t our place.

But just as often…there are times where we have legitimate position and power, and we shortchange our influence because we don’t use all of the non-verbal behaviors that are at our disposal. Simple things, like sustained eye contact, speaking confidently, and taking up space in a room, can make a difference. We all need those reminders to behave “consciously” instead of defaulting to our normal tendencies, right?

We all went our separate ways after lunch, with the promise to continue our journey together, and it left me with two thoughts that I wanted to share:

1. If you don’t have a group of women that you can connect with about whatever stage of life you are in, be intentional to find one. MOPS, Bible study, a Lean In circle, dessert every other month…find something.

2. Pay attention to your non-verbals the next few days. Do you default to playing high or low? What is the impact? Try something different the next time you need to assert your power…

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I have a ring that I purchased in Mexico years ago that is probably my most favorite piece of jewelry.  However, sometimes the turquoise stones fall out.

photo 4-2 And I’m sure we’ve all had this happen one time or another with something we love.  No fear.  My mom taught me a trick years and years ago to fix lost stones in jewelry using colored sculpting clay.

Buy either Sculpey or FIMO clay in a color that matches the stones you need to replace in your jewelry.

photo 3

Carefully mold pieces of clay to fit the stones you need to replace.  Place the clay into the settings.

photo 2-48

Follow the instructions on your package of clay in regards to baking it into your jewelry.  I baked my ring for 30 minutes at 230 degrees, but each brand of clay is a little different.

photo 1-46

Once your ring is cooled paint the new “stones” with clear nail polish so it looks shiny like the rest of the stones.

photo 2-45

photo 1-44

And it really couldn’t be easier than that to fix your favorite piece of silver jewelry.  Obviously, this won’t work for all jewelry since you can’t bake everything.  However, you could form some “stones”, bake them on their own, and then glue them into your jewelry.

Nothing better than something as good as new!

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