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Our mission at MomColoredGlasses is to give our readers real, relevant, and applicable information about what it means to be a mom when it comes to living green, DIY projects, cooking, taking care of yourself, reading, product reviews, your faith, your money, your clothes, your family, and just about everything else in between. We take our mission seriously, which means…

When we tell you we like a certain app, it has been road tested with our own kiddos and we know it holds their attention.

When we tell you a certain book is a fantastic read, it means it didn’t put us to sleep when we read before bed in a near comatose state.

If we tell you about a great DIY to do with your kids, we have done it with our kids and know it is possible.

A great recipe recommendation has been made in our own kitchens and given the stamp of approval from the family or we wouldn’t be sharing it with you.

Information about teachers and school and how to best prepare your students for it comes from veteran teachers who have spent time in a classroom.

When we pass along helpful hints about staying healthy, they are coming from a medical professional who knows what she is talking about.

And when we commiserate with you on how to make a decision about a pet who is sick, it is coming from a veterinarian who has the knowledge to give sound advice.

We won’t talk about it unless we know about it, because we’ve done it.

Plus, we know that part of what keeps you coming back for more is not just great information, but who is putting it out there.  It is important to be able to relate, even if only about one thing, to the people who are behind the writing.  We are real moms, just like you, who struggle with the same “stuff” that you struggle with.  And we hope that as a result of getting to know us a little better you’ll see this place as a forum for all of us moms to communicate back and forth on what makes us tick, how we can help each other, and how we can all work together to get better at doing what we do.


So, settle in, get to know us, and join the conversation on our daily posts, Facebook, or Twitter. We can’t wait to hear your perspective…through MomColoredGlasses.

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