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Are you a mom who needs an outlet?

Do you have a story or expertise to share?

Are you a writer…experienced or newbie?

MomColoredGlasses is a website designed for and about moms with young and school-age children. While every mom has her own set of individual experiences, we recognize the connection we all share through motherhood. Thus, one of our goals is to give moms like you an opportunity to share your unique perspective on MomColoredGlasses. To accomplish this goal, we are looking for moms who are interested in a two-post writing commitment; this would include a guest contributor post and a mom profile. See details below for guidelines and contact information.

Guest Contributors Guidelines:

  • Content:
    • We are looking for well-written, well-thought out, original essays about your unique experience as a mother or informative essays about an area of expertise.
    • Example Topics:
      • How motherhood has changed your life or perspective
      • Struggles you have encountered and ways you have learned to cope or overcome adversity
      • Something or someone who has blessed or encouraged you
      • A specific story or experience that is interesting, funny, touching or inspiring
      • A reaction or commentary on world/life events through the eyes of a mom
      • The topics are endless – write about what is important or relevant to you – as long as your individual perspective and story comes through!
    • Your piece must include a title and your first/last name.
    • Our website is meant to be positive and encouraging, so your essay must also meet this criteria.
    • If you have a personal or professional blog that you would like to highlight, please let us know. We may be able to include a link in your post or in our sidebar.
    • Please note: Your essay may be edited to ensure the content fits our format and quality is maintained.  We will send you a final copy for approval before it is officially posted. We reserve the right to decline your article if we feel it doesn’t fit.
  • Length:
    • Roughly 800 – 1000 words in length (1.5 – 2 pages single spaced)
  • Technical Requirements:
    • Essay must be written in a digital format (Microsoft Word or similar program).
    • Please include a photo or image to go along with your post in .jpg format.
      • The main photo must be in landscape (horizontal) orientation and at least 500 x 300 pixels.
      • If you would like to include more than one photo we may be able to add them within the post.
  • Social Media:
    • We will post a link to your essay on our Facebook and Twitter pages the day it is posted.
    • In return, we would love to have you link your post to your Facebook page and/or your personal or professional blog, if appropriate. The more exposure, the better!

Mom Profile Guidelines:

  • After your essay is accepted, we will send you a list of mom profile questions to answer. This will be posted the day after your guest contributors post.
  • We will also need a picture of you and your children/family in landscape (horizontal) orientation to include with the post.

Please send all essays and inquiries to one of our editors:

We are excited to connect with moms from all walks of life and look forward to hearing from you!

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