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We’re Back! {With a sweet little giveaway.}

Posted by on 01 July 2014 in Be Inspired, Things We Love | 19 comments

It’s good to be back!  We’ve missed all of you!  We really have!

And we appreciate you sticking with us during our hiatus as we all tried to get the reigns of life back in our hands.  We’re ready to bring you some more posts as we head into the rest of the summer.  And what better way to say ‘we’re happy to be back’ than with a little summer giveaway?


We’ve got some cute summer lemonade party supplies for you from Target.

Lemonade 2

A happy rainbow pitcher, some bright plastic cups, a serving tray, an Oh Joy! for Target fold-up beach mat, and of course some tools to get you that perfect batch of lemonade.

Lemonade 3

Lemonade 4

All you have to do to get this bright stuff delivered to your door is leave a comment below telling us the best thing you’ve done this summer so far!  We’ll leave the contest open through next Tuesday.  Happy summer!

Signature Maggie


  1. The best thing I’ve done this summer is plant a vegetable and fruit garden with my husband and son. There’s no better way to eat local and organic than from your own backyard. My son will eat everything from the garden because he grew it himself, even the lettuce and radishes, which he wouldn’t even try before. He is counting the days until his carrots are ready. It’s great to see him so excited about growing his own food!!

  2. The best thing I’ve done so far this summer is slow down to enjoy lots of snuggles, giggles, reading, playing and encouraging my boys to love God and love others around us through play dates and acts of service. But, I must admit, we are all really looking forward to our extended vacation with our family in Michigan. August will be pretty awesome!

  3. The best thing I’ve done so far this summer is slowing down to enjoy snuggles, reading, giggling, playing and encouraging my boys to love God by loving those around us through playdates and acts of service. But, I must admit, we are looking forward to our 20 day Michigan vacation with family in August. We haven’t been with our extended family for a couple years. It’ll be the cherry on top!

  4. The best thing so far this summer has been the Sunday night get together’s for Family ice cream with cousins/aunts/uncles.

  5. My fav thing this summer so far is watching my one-year-old splash in a warm inland Michigan lake for the first time! Welcome back!!

  6. The best thing we’ve done this summer so far is to take a trip to the Matthaei Botanical Gardens. My boys loved being nature explorers.

  7. The best thing we have done so far this summer is go on a family bike. My son was so afraid last year and now he says he loves it! I also did not have a bike for a while and my dad was able to fix up my old one!

  8. The best thing I have done this summer is spend time with my boys…nine months of crazy is a long time; thank goodness for summer!!!

  9. love this and welcome back!! it’s been fun getting to know our new city, dearborn. also lots of excitement and prepping for our “tour” of Michigan this august!

  10. The best is yet to come…6 more sleeps until my just-graduated-from-high-school daughter and I fly to Hawaii for 10 days to celebrate my mom’s 85th birthday with the fam and eat scrumptious local food and enjoy beach time…etc!!

  11. Best thing I’ve done so far this summer? Taking advantage of the combo passes we bought that get us into two great local amusement parks. Seeing the joy on my 4-year-old daughter’s face on the rides is priceless.

  12. The best thing I’ve done this summer is go down a 150 foot long slip and slide!

  13. The best thing I’ve done this summer so far is to get ready for baby number one! Let’s face it….I’m 8.5 months pregnant and don’t really have the energy or ability to do a lot of the usual summer activities. Instead, my summer right now consists of baby prep, showers, and hopefully a few trips to the pool or beach if the weather will cooperate on a day I’m free!:)

  14. The best thing I’ve done this summer is spend 3 weeks traveling to see lots of family and friends!

  15. The best thing I’ve done this summer so far is spend time with my grandsons!

  16. The best thing we have done all summer is family activities!! Going for walks, bike rides, playing basketball, swimming, baseball, soccer, sidewalk chalk, camping and much much more! The cherry on top, is later bed times for the kids so we now have time to do this all after dinner!

  17. We’ve been enjoying all of the local farmer’s markets and making some fun summer treats!

  18. They best thing we’ve done so far this summer is play at the fair, watch fireworks, and pick up my two fantastic nieces to spend some time with us!

  19. So cute! The best thing we have done this summer is a tie between biking around Mackinaw Island and climbing part of Sleeping Bear Dunes! We saw the most amazing views, and just enjoyed some quality family time. 🙂

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