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DIY Fabric Flower Pins

Posted by on 25 August 2011 in Be Inspired, Make It | 1 comment

A few weeks ago, I was at the mall trying to find the perfect birthday gift for my younger sister, Kristin. She’s a teacher and always has a cardigan on-hand during the cooler months at school (she lives in Vermont so the “cooler months” = most of the year!) and has been wanting some new pieces for her wardrobe. I ended up finding a black, comfortable, versatile cardigan that I knew she would love. After bringing the cardigan home, however, I felt like it needed something cute and fun to go with it. As I browsed through some craft ideas I had pinned to my pinterest boards recently, I came across a few fabric flower tutorials….aha! How about a homemade flower pin to go with the plain, nubby cardigan I just got her!  Are you looking for the perfect gift for the teachers in your life? Save yourself another trip to the mall and make a few adorable, inexpensive flower pins this weekend before school starts!

Fabric flowers are the perfect craft for using up extra fabric scraps you have lying around house. They are simple, quick and the possibilities are endless for experimenting with different colors, fabrics and shapes. This design is actually a combination of several different ideas I found on the internet along with a few tweaks of my own.


  • Three different types/colors of fabric. I varied the fabric textures for each flower to add depth and interest.
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Embroidery floss (in a color that corresponds to the fabric choices)
  • Buttons
  • Felt or other heavy fabric (for attaching the pin)
  • Pins or clips
  • Scissors
  • Fabric marker (for tracing shapes onto the fabric)
  • Fabric glue
  • Cardstock, cutting surface, awl and hammer (for optional card)
First of all, cut out the flower shapes using this (rough) template.
Layer the largest flower pieces on top of each other, (make sure they are slightly off-set so more petals are visible) and attach them together with a simple stitch. I used sturdier fabric (corduroy) for the outermost shape to give the flower structure.
Take the pieces for the middle layer and cut about halfway down to the center on every other petal (see the corresponding “cutting” lines in the template). I used lighter more “fluttery” fabric for the middle flower layer.
Fold these pieces in half and arrange them next to each other, folded sides in the middle, on top of the outermost flower. Make a few simple stitches through all the fabric layers to attach. I pinned the flower layers together before sewing to keep them in place. (I got the idea for the center flower design here).
Sew the top flower layer to the center of the flower, again sewing through all fabric layers.
Time to sew on the button! You can use the same piece of thread to sew all these layers, including the button, together. After the button is sewed on, knot and cut the thread.
Now, take your embroidery floss (I separated the floss into three strands) and sew a simple running stitch around the edge of the outermost flower pieces. Gently pull on the thread as you’re sewing to make the petals curve in a little bit to add dimension and shape. (I got this idea here)
To attach the pin, cut out a small piece of felt (or other sturdy fabric) and attach the pin with needle and thread. You could use hot glue for this, but I wanted to make sure the pin was attached securely.
Sew the felt onto the back of the flower. I dabbed a bit of fabric glue on the back of the felt also. (I don’t want the flower popping off the pin while my sister’s on recess duty!)
I wanted a cute way to “gift” this pin, so I decided to attach it to a homemade card. I translated the “hand-stitched” look of the flower onto a piece of folded cardstock using the leftover embroidery floss. Cut and score the cardstock to the desired size and use a pencil to draw small dots at regular intervals around the edge of the card. Then, (after raiding your husband’s toolbox….or if you have your own of course) use an awl and hammer to “punch” holes in the paper. Make sure you don’t use your fancy cutting board for this as you will have rows of holes left in the wood!
Use the embroidery floss to make a stitched border around the card. Kinda like your kid’s lacing toys!
Here’s the pink flower attached to the card.
I got into a craft frenzy and made three different flowers for my sister’s gift plus some others. I used a wool tweed fabric for the outermost flower in this black-and-white version and love how the edges have a frayed look. I also changed the shape of the top/center flower.
For this flower, I found instructions here on how to make a fabric yo-yo for the top flower piece, it is extremely simple!
Here’s the finished product! My sister loved her cardigan, and the flower pins!
Now for the clean up…

One Comment

  1. I love these pins!! I have been wearing them and putting them on my bags! There are not your typical weird teacher pins to say the least. I know that they will be all the talk in the teacher’s lounge! 😉 I am lucky to have creative sisters!


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