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Fixing Stone Jewelry with Clay

Posted by on 15 April 2014 in Be Inspired, Make It | 0 comments

I have a ring that I purchased in Mexico years ago that is probably my most favorite piece of jewelry.  However, sometimes the turquoise stones fall out.

photo 4-2 And I’m sure we’ve all had this happen one time or another with something we love.  No fear.  My mom taught me a trick years and years ago to fix lost stones in jewelry using colored sculpting clay.

Buy either Sculpey or FIMO clay in a color that matches the stones you need to replace in your jewelry.

photo 3

Carefully mold pieces of clay to fit the stones you need to replace.  Place the clay into the settings.

photo 2-48

Follow the instructions on your package of clay in regards to baking it into your jewelry.  I baked my ring for 30 minutes at 230 degrees, but each brand of clay is a little different.

photo 1-46

Once your ring is cooled paint the new “stones” with clear nail polish so it looks shiny like the rest of the stones.

photo 2-45

photo 1-44

And it really couldn’t be easier than that to fix your favorite piece of silver jewelry.  Obviously, this won’t work for all jewelry since you can’t bake everything.  However, you could form some “stones”, bake them on their own, and then glue them into your jewelry.

Nothing better than something as good as new!

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