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Washi Tape Art DIY

Posted by on 07 March 2014 in Be Inspired, Make It | 1 comment

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In my enduring love affair with washi tape (admit it–you can’t walk by an end cap of the stuff at Target without snagging a new roll to add to your collection) I’m always looking for new things to do with it.  I found a picture in a catalog a few weeks back for over $200 that I instantly knew I could reproduce in my own way with washi tape.  I’m pretty happy with the results, and for less than $8 a picture I won’t mind switching them out with something else when I tire of them in a few months.

Gather your supplies.  I used 8×8 window frames; but by all means–use whatever size you’d like.

photo 1-55  

Start by laying strips of washi tape, one after the other, on a plain piece of white paper.  I did something similar when I made my washi tape envelope.  I filled up an 8×10 piece of paper like this for both of my pictures.

photo 2-59

Then, punch out circles from random places on the taped paper.  I had a circle punch, but a triangle punch would be fantastic too.  At times I had to cut the paper in half to make more room for circles and to get a better variety of tape designs on my punches.

photo 1-56

Lay out your circles in a design that you like and glue them to a nice piece of paper. I used plain white, but a color would definitely be cool depending on where you plan to hang these. I made two pieces–one with orange and teal colors and one with pinks, purples, and oranges.  I sense a lot of color schemes to come.

photo 2-60

And then admire.  That’s it.  Happy DIY’ing to you! And definitely happy Friday!

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  1. thats so cool and pretty

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