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How to lock your iPhone Screen (so your kid can play and she won’t accidentally text your boss)

Posted by on 24 February 2014 in App Love, Be Informed, Be Inspired, Savvy Advice | 0 comments


I let my kids play with my phone. Not all the time, but there are definitely moments when it comes in handy….like when your 1-year-old is about to have a tantrum in the middle of that cute brunch place….or while waiting in line at the DMV….or when you’re boarding a two-hour flight home at 7am after an exciting and exhausting week at Disney World…..yes, my little phone is quite handy during those moments! (and those Wiggles…..if any of them need it, my left kidney is available….BOTH my kids are mesmerized by those four guys!)

Unfortunately, my 1-year-old has also learned how to press buttons and swipe screens, meaning she has sent nonsensical texts to random people, deleted important emails and almost watched something terribly inappropriate on YouTube. Yikes! Recently, I learned how to LOCK my iphone screen while an app IS RUNNING and I just couldn’t keep this bit of helpful information to myself!

Here it is!



I’m sure there is probably a way to do this on Android and other non-iphones but you’ll have to ask someone else…..





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