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Play These Games {A great book and a giveaway!}

Posted by on 22 March 2013 in Be Inspired, Books for Kids, Books for Moms, Things We Love | 8 comments

The last month of truly needing to play inside is {hopefully} coming to a close.  A Michigan girl can hope right?  But with the last couple weeks of snow and slush left and spring break right around the corner, and let’s be honest…..some rainy spring days in our future, it’s always nice to have some inside games, that are novel, in our back-pockets.  I discovered a great book earlier this winter that I’m sure you’ll appreciate as much as I have this year.  Play These Games by Heather Swain is a fantastic book of tricks–literally–to have at your disposal.  Swain packs her book full of 101 games you can play with your kids using every day objects like balloons, books, buttons, cardboard boxes, paper cups, plastic pop bottles, and on and on.  Some of these games take ten minutes to assemble and some take ten seconds.  It’s fantastic!  You could easily play one of these games a day and your kids would think you were a veritable cruise director.


And the thing about these games is that a lot of them will make you say, “Oh yeah–why didn’t I remember that game from the school carnival, a birthday party, or summer camp?”  They’re that easy.  And you know you had fun playing them too.  From button toss which mimics the carnival game where you scored varying degrees of points based on where your ball landed, to micro-golf using a clothes pin and a paper clip, and a button catapulting game using egg cartons and buttons–the possibilities are endless.

This book is a fabulous resource if you’re planning a birthday party, a sleepover, a summer camp experience, you’re staying home for spring break, you’re having a play date, you’re in charge of a class party, or you’re just looking for something to play to break up a long morning.  And at $10.99, it’s a pretty reasonable purchase that will yield hours of entertainment…..which is priceless right?

And of course….if you don’t want to invest in your own copy just yet……you could just win the one we’re giving away!  All you have to do is leave a comment below telling us your favorite game to play with your kids.  It can be a board game, a made up game, a party game……whatever!  We could all use some new game ideas!

The giveaway will run through next Wednesday night, the 27th, and we’ll announce the winner shortly there-after!  Good luck!

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  1. I love connect four, a simple game I know, but I still feel like I have to use strategy and I like that.

  2. My almost 5 year old has a lot of energy, so we do follow the directions game. I tell him a series of directions, like run to this room, hop to this item, etc… and he has to follow the directions. My almost two year twins just like running with him and trying to do the things he does.

  3. My 4.5 year old and I started playing a new game called Quirkle- you match colors or shapes in rows, adding on to existing tiles, like Scrabble. It’s fun, but takes some thought! My 18 month old loves the good old-fashioned game of peek-a-boo and “where’s your eyes?? Nose?? Etc”. He’s easy to entertain!

  4. Dinosaurs have currently taken over my house. So I have put them to good use. 😉 They help encourage my (almost) 3 year old to eat his salad like big brachiosaurus and they also appear in the bath tub as a soggy plesiosaur.

  5. My three-year-old loves matching games! We have numerous versions and we even made our own with pictures of important people in our lives. We play board games daily as well.

  6. Our favorite game right now is to send E running laps in the basement. We count and he tries to do it faster each time.

  7. My oldest isn’t quite three, so I was just thinking it was time to invest in some of the classics, like Memory and Chutes & Ladders. Oh, and Candyland!

  8. Sounds like a fun book … my daughter, Nicole, loves to play “I SPY”.


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