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Kid Craft Essentials

Posted by on 10 January 2014 in Be Inspired, Featured Posts, Make It, Things We Love | 0 comments

Kid Craft Ingredients

I post a lot of DIY’s here on the site as well as my personal blog.  They vary and use a handful of different supplies; supplies that I’ve collected over many years and have a slight addiction to.  But I recognize that not everyone shares my sickness, ahem, hoarding tendencies with craft supplies and often wonder what a good arsenal of DIY supplies looks like in order to complete plenty of projects and crafts with kiddos.  Today I give you my Top 10 Kid Craft Essentials….and to prove they’re essentials I’ve included some DIY projects I’ve shared in the past that utilize these supplies.  I’d say if you have these on hand…..you’ve got some fantastic options for a craft afternoon ahead of you!

1.  Contact Paper.  This is the little black dress of craft supplies.  The options are endless!

suncatcher 6

Sun-catcher  Nature Walk Purse  Bracelet  Personalized Folder  DIY Play Menus

 2.  Glitter.  I could probably link most every DIY I’ve ever done here.  Kids love glitter (so do 36 year old women) and anything you’re doing is enhanced with glitter.  Here is one of my favorites among so many!


3.  Watercolor Paints.  Make sure to buy Prang watercolor paints.  They have more saturated color and make kid crafts look so much better than Crayola water colors.  I recently worked on this DIY for some little holiday gifts with my daughter using water-colors and it was so much fun!

photo 4-25-2

4.  White Butcher Paper.  In addition to coloring on and making huge pictures I use white butcher paper as the backdrop for almost every craft that we do.  It makes for an easy clean up and less worry about glue, paint, glitter, and random craft supplies getting everywhere.  I buy my rolls at IKEA, but they can be purchased at most crafting stores.

5.  Ribbon or Yarn. This is the finishing touch on so many DIY projects. You don’t need to have a lot, or anything super fancy–just something!  You can usually find dollar bins of ribbon at Michael’s and JoAnne’s too.  Here’s an easy DIY from last winter that teaches you how to make a scarf out of yarn pom poms.  It was an Anthropologie hack and turned out great!

Anthro scarf 14

6.  Sharpies.  I don’t know if there’s a lot of explaining that needs to be done in regards to the superiority of Sharpies in the crafting world. Splurge on the biggest package you can find and then DIY away……

Educational Jenga  DIY {Eat your dinner} Plates

Plates 11

7.  Washi Tape.  This is the newest necessity in the crafting world.  It’s beautiful and versatile and the possibilities are endless.  You can order washi tape on-line or buy a few rolls pretty much anywhere.

Washi Tape Envelope DIY  Old Christmas Card DIY

Washi Tape 5

8.  Pom Poms.  These come in every color and size under the rainbow and having a huge bag of them on hand in always a plus. In addition to the projects I’ve linked you can have your child glue them to a wreath form, go on a scavenger hunt for them, glue them on paper, play sorting games with them, make patterns, or use them as play food in the pretend kitchen.

Pom Pom Headband  Pom Pom Magnets

Headbands 6

9.  A handful of embellishments. Not a lot of explanation necessary for this one.  A handful of cute stickers is a great way for kids to personalize their projects.  It’s your choice what you stock.

10.  Photographs.  There are so many easy ways to print photographs today and there are so many things you can do with them.  Kids love to see themselves on projects around the house.  Here’s a few idea that you can use when it comes to photos.

First Year in Photos  DIY Photo Box  Photo Tray DIY  Photo Scavenger Hunt  iPhone Photo Story

Inside Games 2

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