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Mom Profile….Carrie Wood

Posted by on 21 July 2012 in Featured Posts, MCG Moms, Mom Profiles | 0 comments

Yesterday, Carrie shared with us a convicting and honest story that every parent should read.  Today, we are excited for you to get to know her a bit better!  And we couldn’t agree with her answer on balloons more!

How many kids do you have?  I have 6 kids. 

What are their ages and genderMy oldest daughter, Grace, is from China and she is 5 years old.  The rest of our kids are all from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Our oldest boy, Haven, is 3.5.  Immanuel and Josias are both two.  We just brought home two daughters in May.  Louise is 13 months and Katriel is 9 months.



Who do you look up to most as a mommy role-model?  I have a dear friend named Stori Sullivan that I met through our adoption organization, Our Family in Africa.  Stori adopted 2 boys just after we brought Haven home.  She now has a total of 5 kids, 3 biological and 2 adopted.  What I admire most about Stori is that she is the most laid back happy-to-be-a-mama kind of mother.  She also made me see that it could be a perfectly normal wonderful thing to be a “large family”.  Moms with lots of kids aren’t all ultra conservative women with buns in their hair and bread baking in the oven.  They could be hip and smart and funny like my friend Stori.

What is the toy you’d like to lose most?  I despise balloons.  Even if we have one for every kid, once that first one gets popped it upsets the balance of power.  After that all heck breaks lose and my kids lose their minds.  I really resent those people that make balloon animals at restaurants.  That is a sure way to ruin my families meal. So balloons that actually make it as far as our house usually have some terrible accident in the garage before they get in the door.

What is one parent battle you always swore you’d fight but you’ve given up? For many years I was a vegetarian and had planned on raising my kids to be vegetarians.  I wanted them to be healthy eaters right from the start.  My daughter Grace had other plans.  She is a crazy carnivore.  If you’d let her she’d polish off a whole package of bacon.  She loves steak, loves chicken.  This is clearly a nature vs nurture sort of thing.  She never had meat while in her orphanage or the first 2 years she was home with us.  But once she had that first taste of meat (probably my husbands fault) there was no stopping nature.



What ‘parenting’ invention couldn’t you live without? Door knob safety covers.  Without them my son JoJo would move through the whole house like a tornado, destroying everything in his path!

What is one character quality you hope your kids inherit from your husband? His youthful sense of humor.  He loves to get down and really play with the kids.  He calls himself the “human amusement park”.

From you?  I love my children intensely and demonstratively.  I want them to love each other and their own kids the same way.

What is one character quality you hope your kids don’t inherit from you? I tend to be a worrier.  I don’t want them to be stressed out over things that are beyond their control like I do.



What have you learned about yourself through the adoption process? I was very worried that if we adopted a second child after Grace that I wouldn’t love them like I did Grace, but I have learned through adoption that love doesn’t get divided, it gets multiplied.  The bigger my family gets the more love I feel like I have to give!



Finish this statement……Looking at the world Through Mom Colored Glasses means………..……..caring for ALL the world’s children.  The moment I stepped foot in my boys orphanage I knew that my life would be changed forever.  My passion and calling is to make a difference in the lives of children who don’t have parents to speak for them or families to love them.


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