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Mom Profile {Jessie Bash}

Posted by on 02 March 2013 in Featured Posts, MCG Moms, Mom Profiles | 0 comments

Yesterday, Jessie Bash shared her thoughts about raising kids overseas.  Today, she answers some questions for us that I’m sure all of us moms can relate to!

  1. How many kids do you have?  2 kids
  2. What are their ages and gender?  Boy – almost 5; Girl – 2 ½  (but is convinced she’s as big as her brother)
  3. Who do you look up to most as a mommy role-model?  My mom and my sister.
  4. What is the toy you’d like to lose most?    That’s the nice thing about a big move; several toys didn’t make it on the boat. McDonald or other “junk” toys get routinely purged. First they go to the “secret holding place” and then, so long as they are still neglected, they go to trash heaven.


5. What is one parent battle you always swore you’d fight but you’ve given up?  Lollipops – I watched sticky fingers of other people’s children and thought I’d only allow lollipops when seated in a chair. Yeah, right. Lucky for me, I have two fairly neat children.

6. What ‘parenting’ invention couldn’t you live without?  I actually could, and did, do without a lot of them. I borrowed a few things but tried to create things from what we had vs buying things.

428166_10151159840895771_11947594_n 7. What is one character quality you hope your kids inherit from your husband?  Stick-to-it-ive-ness. He job hunted for 4 years (while working).

8. From you?  Athleticism and with that trying harder when it gets harder. Guess that’s called perseverance.

9. What is one character quality you hope your kids don’t inherit from you?  My quick temper and quick tongue. Ouch.


10. What have you learned about yourself as you’ve begun parenting overseas?  I need community. I learn from others and the lessons they are learning. Lacking that community means I’m reinventing the wheel over and over instead of growing and mothering alongside other people.


11. Finish this statement……Looking at the world Through Mom Colored Glasses means………..fighting daily for the hearts of my children because no one on earth loves them as much as I do.


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