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Tree Trunk Tray DIY

Posted by on 08 July 2014 in Be Inspired, Featured Posts, Make It | 0 comments

photo 3-46

This DIY was inspired by a key-chain I saw online a few months ago.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned it, how simple it was, and how versatile it is all over my house.


I purchased a tree-trunk slice from my grocery store! for about $14.  It’s pretty wide (about 10-12” across) and pretty thick (about 4”) so it will work well as a tray, decorative center-piece, or candle-holder.  I already have a pretty large selection of craft paints, but if you don’t, you’ll need about seven or eight colors.  Additionally you’ll need washi tape to act as painters tape to create your pattern.  I use thin washi tape in order to get more color onto my tray.  The thicker the tape, the bigger the unpainted lines you’ll have when you take the tape off.  And lastly you’ll want the glossy finish Mod Podge.

photo 2-55

Tape off your tree trunk.  Don’t over-think it.

photo 3-44

photo 4-27

Paint away.

Soon after you’re finished painting, remove the tape.  I never wait for my paint to dry all the way–you’ll risk peeling chunks of paint from your project if you wait to remove the tape until the paint is 100% dry.

photo 5-22

Allow the paint to finish drying for about 24 hours.

Finally, seal with mod-podge.  I get so nervous when I pour mod-podge onto a project–it never looks like it’s going to dry clear. It does, it does, it does.  I promise.

photo 1-55

Make sure to evenly spread the mod-podge and allow to dry for a few hours.  This will seal your paint.

photo 4-28 photo 2-57

And as an added bonus–I can paint the other side of this slab of tree trunk whenever I feel like it and create a totally different look.  Two DIY’s for the price of one.  I’ll take it!

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