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think on these things…

Posted by on 22 March 2013 in Be Whole, Faith, Looking In | 0 comments


Earlier this week, I spent some time talking to a small group of women about purity…in all parts of our lives. Sexual purity was the starting point, but we pushed it farther. What else sullies our thought life? What else distracts us?

We made a list.

An uncomfortable list.






Social Media.



Because if we are meditating…or thinking deeply about these things that can be so consuming, so distracting…there is no space left for…

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If we meditate on what is true, then maybe we can push out the lies that we need to lose weight or look younger or be more attractive to have a successful marriage.

If we meditate on what is good, then maybe we can push out the jealousy that pops up every time we see someone else’s Facebook status or Pinterest pins.

If we meditate on what is beautiful, then maybe we can push out the self-doubt that prevents us from being confident, self-forgiving and undaunted.

It is time for us to take back our thought life and focus on the things that matter. It is time for us to stop obsessing about everything that I think makes me unworthy and focus on the Truth that we matter.

I have spent too many hours obsessing about the extra layer of belly fat that hangs over the top of my jeans….and beating myself up about my dirty floors that I am certain no one else has…and convincing myself that my accomplishments just don’t measure up. So much wasted time.

I’m done.

Anyone with me?

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