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Mom Profile: Kristina from Live, Love, Laugh, and Autism

Posted by on 29 March 2011 in Mom Profiles | 0 comments

Our newest mom profile is of Kristina, a mom who lives in Miami with her husband and special needs son. She writes about her son’s journey with autism at Live, Love, Laugh, and Autism, and we are honored to have her share her story as a Guest Contributor.


What is the age/gender of your child?


What is your working situation?

Currently, I’m a SAHM. Before my son’s diagnosis I had a full-time career.

What has been one of the greatest joys of motherhood?

My son’s laugh is adorable, it makes my heart melt. His laugh is so simple, yet it brings me so much joy!

What has been one of the greatest challenges of motherhood?

As the mother of a special needs child it’s very hard to find time for myself, and my husband and I don’t go on dates. It’s almost impossible to find someone that’s willing to babysit (I think that this is due to a misconception about autism).

How has your perspective changed since becoming a mother?

I really appreciate the family unit. I appreciate my husband’s committment to family values. I’m glad that I enjoyed a lot of dancing and nights at the pub when I was young. Now, I appreciate nights at home, watching an animated movie.

Finish the phrase, “I never thought I’d…”

Be a SAHM (I had a crazy notion that I’d travel the world, and write, forever).

What is one kid-related item that you can’t live without?

My diaper bag. Yes, my son is still in diapers. But, really, I love that the bottle holders fit my Nalgene.

What is one toy you would love to mysteriously “lose”?

Markers that claim to be washable, but aren’t.

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