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Boy Mom 101

Posted by on 18 June 2013 in MCG Moms, Mom Perspectives | 0 comments

Dear Karen,

Congratulations on the birth of your precious son, Isaac, on May 6th.  Since you have asked me to write a post for MCG during your maternity leave, I thought this would be the perfect time to welcome you into the world of being a “Boy Mom.”  Up ‘til now, you’ve only known a kinder and gentler gender with sweet Ariana. Honey, that’s all about to change…

As you know, I have 5 brothers and 4 sons (ages 1 ½, 4, 8, 10) and I wouldn’t trade them for all the coffee in Starbucks, but they have brought some *ahem* special characteristics about boys to light and I think you should be aware of these too.

As you cradle newborn Isaac in your arms, he may feel and seem exactly how Ariana did as a baby, but very soon you will start to notice that God truly did “create them male and female” (Genesis 1:27)– separate and distinct – despite what society tells us. The first thing you might begin to notice about Isaac’s maleness as he becomes a toddler is there is one volume and it is stuck on loud. It’s different from the verbal and high-pitched squeals of girls; it’s loud for the sake of being loud. It’s tractor noises and kamikaze pilot sounds and the inability to whisper in church.

The second thing you might notice is the physical nature of your boy. [Actually, Isaac is off to a good start with this one since he decided to make his hasty birth appearance in the car on your way to the hospital!] Boys are constantly bouncing off of walls and each other because they must. If they don’t, they will explode. I don’t have actual evidence of this, but I’m pretty sure it would happen.

Boys also like to be…umm, how can I say this…gross. Whereas it would not even enter the brain of most little girls to turn their eyelids inside out, or make a song out of bodily function noises or challenge others to a bug-eating contest, this is the “boy world” in which I live and it can be a cruel, hard world for a female and mother to understand.

I don’t say all this to scare you, rather, to prepare you. The good news is that along with this extra exuberance God has given boys, He has built inside them a protective instinct and a nature to lead and work hard. That’s where we mamas come in handy. Even though my 4 boys have very different personalities and strengths, those 3 qualities are what I try to encourage and bring out in them. Life just seems to go a little smoother when all that physical energy is channeled into working hard on a project or they are praised for showing leadership or initiative in something that doesn’t involve mud.

To be honest, Karen, I’m still in Boy Mom 101. (I’m not really sure how one graduates from this course?) But I’m so glad that God promises wisdom when we ask for it in faith (James 1:5) because I really need it! I want my boys to grow up to be men of God who use their voices to speak up for truth; who use their strength to defend the weak and who use their “unique” characteristics and talents to jump into any challenge for the glory of God. If that means that we deal with a little craziness when they are growing up, well, so be it. It’s a fun world and I’m glad you’re in it! We can swap stories and pray for each other along the way.

Your friend and fellow boy mom,


Written by Rachel Frost, guest contributor and friend to Karen Kallberg, one of MCG’s regular writers. 



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