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Career Re-Entry Series: Interviewing tips…

Posted by on 15 February 2012 in Be Informed, Career "Re-Entry" Series, Mom as Manager | 2 comments


We have hit the half-way mark of our Career Re-Entry series, and with it, we come to one of the most nerve-wracking parts…the interview! No matter how long it has been since your last interview, it is a great idea to get a refresher on what to do to before, during, and after the interview so that you can walk in with confidence and show them that you are the best candidate for the job.


Plus, I had an awesome opportunity to talk about the entire Career Re-Entry series on Fox 17 today. We have the video posted to our Facebook page, thanks to my father-in-law!


  1. That’s a great question, Kristin! I believe that even if you think you know everything about the company you are interviewing for, there is still room for a question. A couple good ones could be “How would you describe the culture of your company/department/school?” (shows that you are thinking about whether or not you are a good “fit” for the company) or “What training or education opportunities do you provide for your employees?” (shows that you are looking to grow and not be content with what you are doing now) or even “How does the leadership communicate information?” (this can give you insight on how things work at the organization). There is always something new to find out, and it definitely shows your interest, preparation, and thoughtfulness. Interviews can be scary, but just remember – they are probably just as anxious about finding the right fit for the position!

  2. Asking questions can be very difficult. Especially if you have done your research and know everything there is to know. I remember trying to come up with a question at the end of an interview and it just became a really dumb one. Do you think there is a time where you could leave the question out. Interviews make me so nervous! Great job, I like your tips.

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