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Orange Bird Feeder DIY

Posted by on 22 February 2013 in Be Inspired, Make It | 0 comments

This little DIY is fairly kid-friendly and the finished product provides a level of entertainment for kids that is fun for them to watch.  And I promise you!  It works!  Birds will really eat out of these.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a picture of the birds that came to mine because the tree I hung the oranges from is quite a distance from my kitchen window–but we’ve seen them there…….and we’ve refilled the oranges about three times in one week!  Those sparrows–they’re pigs!

Your supplies:

3-4 Oranges (try and find the big ones in the pile at the grocery store)



Skewers/Ice Pick (Not pictured)

Bird Feeder 10

Cut each orange in half.

Bird Feeder 3

Scoop out the insides.  Kids can definitely do this part over the sink!  And it’s messy and juicy and they can eat it and they’ll love it.

Bird Feeder 2

Poke a hole with a skewer or something else sharp in either side of the orange.

Bird Feeder 12

Thread a piece of long twine through each hole and tie at the top.

Bird Feeder 5

Bird Feeder 8

Bird Feeder 4

Then, fill each of your orange shells with birdseed.

Bird Feeder 11

Get bundled up and head outside to hang them on a tree and top them off. Again, this part is great for the kids to do.  And sure, they’ll spill bird-seed all over the ground–no big deal–the aviary community doesn’t abide by the five second rule.

Bird Feeder 9

Bird Feeder 7

BirdFeeder 1

It’ll take about a day for the birds to realize the oranges are hanging there–but when they do you won’t be able to keep the oranges filled!

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